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Structuring Discretion for Clawbacks

The continuing stream of corporate wrongdoing and risk failures – at Wells Fargo & Co., Volkswagen AG, Equifax, Uber Technologies, Mylan, and others – gives new urgency to two questions:

  • Should boards have broader policies for triggering compensation adjustments, forfeitures, and repayment of past compensation – generally referred to as recoupments or clawbacks – when corporate harm is demonstrated?
  • How should boards exercise discretion when they implement such policies?

Regulators today require relatively narrow clawback policies, triggered mainly in the event of a restatement of financials. But a strong business case can be made that corporate harms of many kinds should qualify as triggers for clawbacks.

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Seymour Burchman

Kathryn Neel

This article was originally published in NACD BoardTalk.

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