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A Career in Executive Compensation

What is
Executive Compensation?

Semler Brossy works with public and private companies across a broad range of industries to develop executive and key personnel compensation programs that align with each client’s strategy and performance.

We act as an independent advisor to boards of directors and work in partnership with management to create unique solutions that help drive the company’s business strategy. Some of our services include competitive pay benchmarking, incentive plan design, performance measure selection, and goal-setting.

Semler Brossy’s small client teams provide our consultants with direct client exposure and allow them to develop a wide range of business and analytical skills early in their careers. As they progress, our people become increasingly involved in client interaction and project management. In a career at Semler Brossy, individuals hone the skills needed for professional success as an expert executive compensation advisor or otherwise.

Team Member Spotlight

Olivia Tay
I have appreciated the support and mentorship I have received over the years from peers and various coaches. As my role has evolved, I have been exposed to new opportunities and been challenged to learn new skillsets.
Olivia Tay, Senior Consultant
The work is intellectually stimulating, demands creativity, and is accompanied by an internal culture you can’t beat! There’s never a dry day. Semler Brossy has numerous resources that help us gather market data and trends, but how we organize our thoughts is up to us—the projects I work on are truly a product of my own analyses, judgment, and creativity.
Jason Oney, Senior Consultant
Natalie Coffin
Associate accessibility to clients and partners is at a high level with Semler Brossy. Rather than see remote work as a barrier to involving associates in client meetings, project managers and partners have seen this as an opportunity to involve us more since client meetings are now online instead of in person.
Natalie Coffin, Consultant
I believe one of the key differentiators Semler Brossy offered that most impacted my decision to join was the long-term career development potential in a stimulating and connected work environment. The sense of community I got after speaking to everyone separately during the recruiting process was confirmed when I joined. People were authentic in their efforts to help their teammates grow and learn. This was not something that came across at other firms.
Sara Bourdouane, Senior Consultant
Madeline Casey
We are known for delivering extremely high-caliber and insightful work to our clients and have an industry reputation as a firm that goes “above and beyond” what most competitors offer. As a result, all team members are constantly encouraged to provide insight and point of view, and to challenge and actively collaborate with team members at all levels from day one.
Madeleine Casey, Consultant

Foundational Principles

We believe leadership matters for achieving long-term success.

  • TALENT can drive outsized impact with strategic board and management attention.
  • WELL-DESIGNED REWARDS inspire exceptional leadership and fuel performance.
  • SMART GOVERNANCE empowers leaders to balance stakeholder interests, yielding extraordinary outcomes.

Our Values

Client-Focus & Commitment

Reliability & Integrity

Teamwork & Collaboration

Ownership & Development

Appreciation & Community

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