Our Team

Our Team

Deep and Extensive Experience

Our principals have deep and extensive experience

Our Managing Directors have 10-30 years of direct experience in compensation and governance as advisors and in-house practitioners. We work with a broad cross-section of U.S. companies, from Fortune 100 to smaller, privately held firms, many over several decades. We believe best-in-class service is supported through exceptional talent. Our 80+ consultants are highly capable, engaged, and collaborative.


Julie Adamo

Billing Specialist

Julie Adamo is the Billing Specialist at Semler Brossy. Julie assists Eury Mundy, working to support billing processes and optimize efficiency in accounts receivables out of the Los Angeles office.

Andrew Almonte


Drew works alongside Compensation Committees and Management Teams across multiple industries and various stages of business development to provide support on assorted executive compensation issues, including incentive program design, pay benchmarking, and broader organizational transitions.

Greg Arnold

Managing Director

Greg Arnold has nearly 20 years of experience advising Boards and senior management teams on a variety of compensation and governance-related matters in both public and private settings across industries.

Sam Askenas

Senior Consultant

Sam has over five years of direct experience supporting Compensation Committees and Management across various compensation and governance-related issues.

Marc Baranski

Managing Director

Marc Baranski has worked with Board members and senior leadership for over 25 years to optimize business performance through addressing significant executive compensation issues that result from growth, expansion into new businesses/geographies, mergers, changes in Management, or change management initiatives.

Justin Beck

Senior Consultant

Justin Beck has more than six years of executive compensation experience working with publicly traded and privately held firms. Justin has helped clients across a broad range of issues, including equity and incentive plan strategy, pay benchmarking, equity dilution management, and Say on Pay support.

Deborah Beckmann

Managing Director

Deborah brings over 20 years of experience in compensation and human capital management, with deep expertise in aligning business strategy to talent strategy.

John Borneman

Managing Director

John has nearly 25 years of experience as an executive compensation advisor, with broad expertise in consulting to boards of directors and senior management on compensation and related governance issues.

Sara Bourdouane

Senior Consultant

Sara Bourdouane has over five years of executive compensation experience working with public and private companies across a broad range of industries

Roger Brossy

Managing Director

Roger Brossy has been an executive compensation consultant since 1981. He was the President of Sibson & Company and served on its Board of Directors for many years before co-founding Semler Brossy Consulting Group.

Jennifer Carmichael

Senior Executive Assistant

Jennifer Carmichael supports John Borneman, Seamus O’Toole, and Brant Shelor and joined Semler Brossy with over 24 years in the administration/HR field.

Madeleine Casey


Madeleine joined Semler Brossy in 2019. Madeleine has worked with boards and management teams at public and private companies across a wide range of industries, with a particular focus on compensation philosophy, incentive program design, and other governance matters. Madeleine holds a Bachelors in Sustainable Development from Columbia University.

Stephen Charlebois

Managing Director

Steve has 15+ years of executive and international compensation consulting experience gained through a combination of external consulting and in-house roles.

Jodi Daggs

Chief Administrative Officer

Jodi is Chief Administrative Officer and LA Office Lead and has been at Semler Brossy for over 14 years. She heads the firm’s Operations including various HR functions, benefits, management analysis and reporting, vendor management, liaison to accounting, protection and risk management, and administrative staff management. 

Anel Diaz

NY Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Anel Diaz joined Semler Brossy in February of 2020. She is the Office Manager for Semler Brossy’s New York location and an Executive Assistant to Kathryn Neel, Rami Glatt, and Sara Bourdouane.

Mark Emanuel

Managing Director

Mark has 15 years of executive and management compensation consulting experience with Semler Brossy. He advises clients across industries, with a depth of expertise in retail and consumer-facing businesses and financial services. He particularly enjoys helping companies navigate strategic transformation and turnarounds through thoughtful metric selection and goal-setting. Mark holds a BS in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College.

Michelle Garrett


Michelle Garrett has extensive experience advising clients on the legal, tax and regulatory aspects of designing and implementing employment agreements, severance and change-in-control arrangements, and incentive compensation programs, as well as executive compensation matters in connection with mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings, and other business transactions.

Rami Glatt

Managing Director

Rami has over ten years of executive and board compensation consulting experience. Rami serves as Semler Brossy’s lead liaison and technical expert on ISS and Glass Lewis. He works across a variety of industries, with depth of expertise in Real Estate, Industrials, as well as private-to-public transitions. Prior, Rami was at Mercer Consulting, where he designed and assessed compensation programs. Rami graduated from Yeshiva University, summa cum laude.

Michael Gorski


Michael has 15 years of experience in the executive compensation industry. He has worked extensively across all industries and has expertise working with both public and private compensation structures, including pre-IPO transitions. 

Cody Hervert

Senior Consultant

Cody joined Semler Brossy in 2023 with over eight years of experience in compensation. Most recently, he spent five years advising boards and senior management teams across various executive compensation and governance-related issues.

Jami Hunter

Executive Assistant

Jami Hunter joined Semler Brossy in January 2022. She is the Executive Assistant to Deborah Beckmann and Austin VanBastelaer.

Margaret Hylas


Margaret Hylas joined Semler Brossy in July 2015. She has advised senior management and boards of directors across a range of executive pay, broad-based pay, and corporate governance issues that public and private companies face. Margaret graduated from Hamilton College in 2015 with a BA in Economics and minor in Government.

Kate Jimenez

Director of Human Resources

Kate Jimenez oversees, and is actively involved in, every aspect of the employee experience, emphasizing company culture and values.

Blair Jones

Managing Director

Blair Jones has 30 years of executive compensation consulting experience. She has worked extensively across industries and has deep expertise in advising boards on company transitions, significant investor concerns, and an expanding human capital management mandate.

Destiny Kelly

Marketing Specialist

Destiny oversees various content and communications initiatives. She is an experienced content and communications marketer with a proven track record in digital marketing, email marketing, content management, project management, strategic communications, and analytics.

Eric King

Senior Consultant

Eric King has experience across a broad spectrum of executive compensation issues facing publicly traded and privately held companies including annual and long-term incentive plan design, 280G analysis, valuation of market-based equity awards, CEO succession planning, peer group development, and Say on Pay support. Eric graduated from  Claremont McKenna College.

Danielle Lawrence

Executive Assistant

Danielle Lawrence joined Semler Brossy in October 2023. She is the Executive Assistant to Kate Jimenez, Eric King, and Sam Askenas. She has over 10 years of experience in office support & administrative roles.

Robert Martin

Senior Consultant

Robert advises senior management and boards of publicly-traded and private companies, with a focus in financial services companies including private equity, hedge funds, and investment banks.

Matthew Mazzoni


Matt joined Semler Brossy in 2020. He has worked across a broad spectrum of companies, with a focus on technology industry companies and those undergoing transition.

Kyle McCarthy


Kyle provides support on various executive compensation issues including incentive program design, pay benchmarking, ESG-related pay practices, and other governance matters.

Michelle Metros


Michelle advises boards of directors and management teams across a breadth of industries with a particular focus in financial services. She works across a range of issues including developing Say on Pay response strategies, proxy drafting, designing incentive plans, and defining competitive talent markets.

Eury Mundy

Billing Manager

Eury Mundy is the Billing Manager at Semler Brossy, where she oversees and streamlines billing services and accounts receivable processes. 

Anna Natapova


Anna brings over 20 years of experience to compensation and total rewards in consulting and corporate environments. She is known for designing and delivering executive, broad-based, and sales total rewards programs that align with company strategy and desired behaviors.

Kathryn Neel

Managing Director 

Kathryn has 15 years of experience in executive compensation and leads Semler Brossy’s New York office, located in the iconic Empire State Building.

Kristofer O’Toole

Senior Consultant

Kris joined Semler Brossy in 2016 and has advised boards and senior management teams across a variety of executive compensation and governance-related issues.

Seamus O’Toole

Managing Director

Seamus has over 15 years of executive compensation consulting experience. He has deep expertise working with companies in transition, highly innovative companies, and high-growth industries.

Jason Oney

Senior Consultant

Jason is a trusted advisor to senior management and boards of private and public companies, providing guidance on executive and broad-based compensation, governance, and related matters.

Phillip Pennell


Phillip Pennell joined Semler Brossy in July 2016. He has worked with boards and management teams at public and private companies across a wide range of industries, with a particular focus on incentive program design, turnarounds, and activist investors. Phillip has a BA from Claremont McKenna College.

Jen Radomski

Senior Executive Assistant

Jen Radomski has over 14 years of Executive Assistant experience having worked for Lazard Freres in New York and as Office Manager for the Chicago office. Jen supports Todd Sirras, Greg Arnold, Stephen Charlebois, Michael Gorski, and Cody Hervert. She attended California State University at Long Beach.

Nika Regnier

Chief Marketing Officer

Nika is Chief Marketing Officer at Semler Brossy, where she leads all efforts related to the firm’s brand, thought leadership, and client engagement efforts.

Felipe Rubio


Felipe joined Semler Brossy in January 2019. He has worked with boards and management teams at public and private companies across a wide range of industries. Felipe graduated from Cornell University with a dual BA in Economics and Government, and a Minor in International Relations.

Shanzeh Sajid

LA Office Manager, Event Coordinator and Executive Assistant

Shanzeh Sajid joined Semler Brossy in August 2021. She is the LA Office Manager, Events Coordinator and Executive Assistant to Chief Marketing Officer, Nika Regnier. Shanzeh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media Technologies from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.

Theresa Scheese

Senior Executive Assistant

Theresa joined Semler Brossy as an Executive Assistant in September of 2005 supporting Blair Jones, Marc Baranski, and Anna Natapova. Prior to Semler Brossy, Theresa was with Sibson Consulting for over 20 years. She attended Florida Atlantic University and is a certified Paralegal.

Brant Shelor

Managing Director

Brant has 20 years of executive compensation consulting experience. Brant has led engagements with Fortune 500 firms and addressed rewards needs for pre-IPO firms, start-ups, and PE portfolio firms.

Todd Sirras

Managing Director

Todd Sirras joined Semler Brossy in 2002 and was named Managing Director in 2005. Prior to SBCG he was a Senior VP in Bank of America’s Asset Management Group and a trader in listed equity options for O’Connor & Associates. He is a graduate of NYU Stern School of Business, the University of Virginia, and Phillips Exeter Academy.

Jennifer Teefey


Jennifer works with boards and management teams across a wide range of issues including incentive plan design, pay levels and practices benchmarking, and ESG/HCM topics.

Doug Tormey


Doug Tormey is our lead technical advisor providing expertise on tax, legal, and accounting issues, particularly in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and buy-outs. He is a frequent lecturer and author, including contributions to ERISA and Benefits Law Journal and Compensation & Benefits Management. Doug received his JD degree from Hofstra Law School and a BA degree from Fordham University.

Alex Valentino

Business & Financial Operations Manager

Alex Valentino oversees the firm’s internal reporting and processes to ensure executive decision-making is grounded in data-driven insights. Alex excels in building adaptable, scalable processes that generate actionable insights.

Austin Vanbastelaer


Austin is a founding member of Semler Brossy’s New York Office and is now located in Boston. He advises clients on strategic compensation issues, including during periods of transformative change. As a result, Austin’s client base covers a variety of industries–including fintech, biotech, and retail–and company performance contexts.

Brooke Warhurst


Brooke has four years of executive compensation consulting experience, supporting Compensation Committees and management teams across a broad range of industries.

Jennifer Wong


Jennifer joined Semler Brossy in 2019. Jennifer has worked with public and private companies on various executive and broad-based compensation issues including incentive program design, pay benchmarking and leveling, pay-for-performance analysis, and other governance matters. Jennifer holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. 


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