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The Expanding Board Mandate for Human Capital Management Issues A Character of the Corporation Webinar

The pandemic has expanded the board’s focus on human capital management (HCM). The “great resignation” has only intensified this trend. Beyond executive succession and compensation, boards are sharpening their focus on talent strategy; diversity, equity, and inclusion; culture; employee wellbeing; and more.

In this briefing, join Semler Brossy’s Blair Jones, Vanguard’s former Chairman and CEO F. William McNabb III, and Directors & Boards Publishing Director, David Shaw as they focus on best practices for human capital management. They also answer the following:

  • How are HCM issues being built into board and committee charters?
  • Which topics are covered?
  • What are best practices for how boards and compensation committees are engaging on HCM?
  • How are boards allocating responsibilities and decision rights across committees, the board, and management?
  • When is it right to include HCM metrics in incentives?
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Blair Jones

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