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Specialized Executive Compensation

Catch up on special compensation topics, including employment agreements & sign-on packages, talent management, change in control provisions, considerations for mergers and acquisitions, and industry specific compensation trends.

CEO Pay: A New Way to Judge the Numbers

Comparing the compensation and financial picture of three actual companies illustrates how three “tests” can help companies get a handle on the reasonableness of CEO pay. The tests check for correlation between pay and performance, value sharing, and peer alignment. The analyses provide a compelling story about the aspects of design that contribute to an appropriate alignment of pay and performance. Read the entire article (PDF) written by Seymour Burchman and Blair Jones. Read more

Getting Post-M&A Executive Compensation Right

The success of a merger or acquisition transaction rests in large part on the strength and accuracy of the pre-M&A legwork. Executive compensation helps signal what will be important in the new organization and lay some groundwork of how to get there. Successful design and execution of a post-transaction compensation program requires a holistic design approach. Read more

Strategic Work Valuation: Compensating the Right Executives the Right Way

Doing the right thing in compensating executives is trickier than just following what the market pays; one must consider what’s right for the company. Strategic work valuation balances factors relating to both the external market and the internal business strategy to help companies better align their talent and business strategies and focus the compensation spend on positions that have the greatest impact on business results. Read the entire article (PDF) written by Blair Jones. Read more

‘Taking Inventory’ of the CEO

An effective assessment process will ensure the development of stronger CEOs. In this piece, the authors present a model of a comprehensive and fair process. Read the entire article (PDF) written by Seymour Burchman. Read more

Professional Services Firms: Building a Franchise, Supporting It With Talent

Tough market conditions and numerous rude awakenings present professional services firms with an opportunity to take stock with respect to the aggressive growth strategies in which they have been engaged. We offer the best and most timely talent management remedies for building and supporting a successful professional services franchise. Read the entire article (PDF) written by Roger Brossy. Read more

Assessing CEO Performance: It Goes Beyond the Numbers

Most Boards rely solely on the corporation’s financial performance. But by their own admission, many compensation committee members agree that measuring a CEO’s ability to establish strategic direction, build a management team, and lead is more critical than certain quantitative measures. Read the entire article (PDF) written by Seymour Burchman. Read more