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Board Related Governance & Board Compensation

Find coverage of the latest news and strategies in board related governance, including company risk assessments, clawback policies and other common pay governance policies. Also find the latest on board compensation, including discussions of director pay magnitude and payment mechanisms.

Director Compensation Practices in the Russell 3000 and S&P 500 2021 Edition

Corporate boards of directors face a more acute set of challenges in setting their compensation than they have in recent years. Until recently, a primary focus was the risk of shareholder litigation challenging allegedly excessive director compensation. That concern has receded as many companies have taken steps to mitigate the risk of lawsuits. Read more

Building a New-Collar Workforce: How Boards Can Help America Heal

The turbulent events of 2020 have heightened many American corporations’ sense of political and social responsibility. With the pandemic exacerbating income inequality and climate change still a long-term threat, investors and critics are calling on companies to care for all stakeholders, not just investors. Many boards are attending to their long-standing interests in environmental, social and governance issues more than ever before. Read more

Eye on the Future of Executive Compensation Programs

Thinking longer-term is difficult when the world turns upside down. Executive pay is no exception. Our focus narrows to the items in front of us and getting past current obstacles. Eventually we focus on getting “back on track” when the existential risk passes or we get used to it, and the new “normal” gets shaped by these prior experiences. Read more