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Board Composition and Director Recruiting Trends Beyond the Numbers

In a Q&A with Equilar, Blair Jones offers her insights on the issues surrounding board composition and director recruiting, including but not limited to board size, age and tenure limits, diversity, and committee construction.

Equilar: What are some of the key catalysts influencing board composition to become a top investor issue in 2017? How have these market factors changed the way boards approach evaluation and recruiting?

Blair Jones: Investors have been focused on board composition and refreshment now for several years as a means to ensure that boards are ing their skills contemporary, staying objective, and having tough conversations where required. State Street upped the ante this year, getting more prescriptive in at least one aspect it cares about related to board composition. The investor declared it would vote against board members in nominating roles where there were no women on the board and no apparent efforts to recruit women. To the extent that “what gets measured gets done,” boards now have at least one scorecard to focus their board succession planning efforts.

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Blair Jones

This article was originally published in Equilar.

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