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Professional Services Firms: Building a Franchise, Supporting It With Talent

Tough market conditions and numerous rude awakenings present professional services firms with an opportunity to take stock with respect to the aggressive growth strategies in which they have been engaged. We offer the best and most timely talent management remedies for building and supporting a successful professional services franchise. Read the entire article (PDF) written by Roger Brossy. Read more

Beyond the Whim of the Market: Performance Alternatives to FMV Stock Options

Explore a number of tried and true solutions as well as creative new solutions for designing an equity incentive program that emphasizes performance and motivates employees through better line-of-sight. Includes a comparative review of various equity incentive structures, encompassing strategic goals and design considerations, tactical considerations, as well as the cost of those solutions. Read more

Assessing CEO Performance: It Goes Beyond the Numbers

Most Boards rely solely on the corporation’s financial performance. But by their own admission, many compensation committee members agree that measuring a CEO’s ability to establish strategic direction, build a management team, and lead is more critical than certain quantitative measures. Read the entire article (PDF) written by Seymour Burchman. Read more