January 19, 2024 Executive Compensation Shareholder Voting, SOP, and Proxy Results Reports

2023 Say on Pay Reports S&P 500 and Russell 3000 Failure Rate & Pay Vote Analysis

Russell 3000 Say on Pay Failure Rates Reach Lowest level since 2017

Our year-end report recaps proxy voting results and trends for 2023.

Say on Pay

Vote support trended positively in 2023. The Russell 3000 2.1% failure rate was the lowest observed since 2017 and the average vote result of 90.0% is in line with previous years. The S&P 500 (2.5% failure, 88.7% average vote) followed similar trends.

Social and Environmental

Shareholders voted on 258 social proposals and 106 environmental proposals in 2023; significantly higher than prior years. Five social proposals (2%) and two environmental proposals (2%) received greater than 50% support in 2023. Median support for social proposals (15%) and environmental proposals (18%) decreased significantly from 2022 (22% and 27%, respectively).

Equity Plans

Eight of 617 proposals did not receive a majority vote and ISS recommended “Against” 28% of proposals. Both are 10-year highs.


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