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Short-Termism: Good Until It Goes Bad

There are days James Pethokoukis, a scholar at the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute, isn’t quite sure short-termism is the problem. “When you talk to companies they feel a lot of shareholder pressure to focus on quarterly returns,” he… Read more

How to Deal with Equity Holdings During a Spin-Off

In today’s corporate environment, many companies face increasing pressure to deliver strong returns year in and year out. This pressure can be the catalyst for strategic business conversations that lead to acquiring, consolidating, divesting, or spinning off businesses. Read more

Correction to Dialogue Week of December 19

Due to an editing error last week, Dialogue incorrectly reported that Seattle had become the first city in the United States to tax companies based on the ratio of their CEO's pay to the median employee's pay when describing the Fortune story, "Why Portland's Drastic Move to Limit CEO Pay Will Make Virtually No Impact." We should have stated that Portland had become the first city, not Seattle. Read more